KRCC FOCUS AREAS KRCC is aiming at reducing the vulnerability of the marginalized groups. That is done through seven focus areas which are as follows; Poverty Alleviation Focuses on active involvement of the community in the fight against poverty. KRCC is currently using Self Help Group as an economic development model mainly for women to generate income to support their families. Religion, Citizenship and Governance Maximizing church participation in democracy deepening, good governance and promotion of human rights. Issues related to Land Reform and farmers –farm dwellers relationship are dealt with under this area. Healing of Memories Healing past and present wounds to help people move forward with their lives. Environment and Justice Learning how to protect our fragile environment and reduce the risks of disasters especially in vulnerable communities. For that reason, this focus area looks at adaptation to climate change especially in areas that are prone to disasters. Gender Justice Working with women and men (separately and together) to promote gender justice for all. This also looks at the sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) with an aim of ensuring the realization of the rights of the marginalized groups. Social Cohesion Building cohesion in diverse communities Child and Youth This is mainly about the active involvement of children and youth on issues that are affecting them. The main focus here is PROTECTION and the role of children and youth in ensuring their safety and security.